Lik-ing Architecture & Construction

Our story began back in 2008 and since then we are continuously developing in the fields of architecture, construction and supervision. 

A group of skilled professionals with expertise within those fields makes our company constantly growing.

The company’s philosophy and main strategy are recognition, defining and solving complex projects whereas the focus is set on the client’s aspirations.

300+ projects

Working process

Design process

The first step is to create a perfect design that suits our client’s needs, using contemporary tools and techniques.


We supervise the whole process and follow the project from its beginning steps until the final phase to make sure every details fits.


Just on time, we finish the project putting it into a full-function to grant the satisfaction of every one of our clients.

Fields of work


In the field of architecture, we offer the service of developing a complete preliminary design, conceptual designs and main projects with all necessary phases: architecture, statics, installations (water & plumbing, electrical installations, mechanical installations) together with projects of interior and landscape design.


The main field of our work is architecture. Modern and sleek designs made with contemporary tools describe the best company’s profile. In the field of construction operations, we perform construction work, construction and craft work and all types of installation work. We also provide services for the design and adaptation of apartments and business premises, and restoration of historic buildings. It is important to note that we also perform outdoor landscaping and horticulture.


To oversee and predict all aspects of a certain project, from its planning to its final phase, supervision is necessary for good time – management and proper budgeting. We offer a supervision service and control over residential and business buildings with years of background experience and references.